Crazy Color for Shorter Hair
Mar 2022

Elata Beauty

Crazy Color for Shorter Hair

If you're ever looking to dye your hair like you've never before and are short on ideas, crazy colors are for you. We're not talking about light highlights or dark shaded strands; we're talking about outright being adventurous and dying your hair in colors like purple, red, green, blue and orange. Bright colors such as those make you stand out in a crowd and give you a new and fresh look. We already have a different section where we talk about crazy colors for longer hair and how they would look and feel on you here. However, today we are going over crazy color for short hair, with celebrities like Halsey, Taylor Swift and major icons of the pop culture at least having rocked crazy colored hair once in their life; you ought to too. When you walk in to our saloon, we will give you a whole selection of styles and looks to choose from, you would also be given a chance to select the colors you would like to get and if you'd like some contrast in the look too.

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